about us

Established in 2015, Cinquanta3 is one of the brands of Battistella Company, a longstanding company founded in 1953 in Pieve di Soligo outside Treviso, one of Italy's leading manufacturers in the furniture industry in the production of furniture and systems. A solid artisan tradition, highly specialized know-how and the development of new technologies — in the spirit of a sustainable culture — are the values that set its approach apart.

One of our brand’s fundamental core values consists in constantly looking to improve our sustainability strategy and goals. To this aim, for our products, we use panels that come from responsibly managed, FSC® certified forests.
Inquire at info@cinquanta3.it if the product you're interested in is FSC® certified.
License FSC-C191791.

These values are the cornerstones on which the Cinquanta3 system was built, designed to offer functional, customizable solutions, capable of furnishing homes and optimizing spaces. Organized home spaces whose look reflects the style of their occupants courtesy of the impressive design freedom afforded by the system.

Public spaces, too, adapt to accommodate daily life with clever, practical solutions produced with people in mind. Efficiency and a focus on wellbeing inform the design of versatile elements, made to cater to the comfort and safety requirements of modern offices and commercial spaces.